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Feedback from previous clients:
  • "Mr. Henson taught my husband and I better communication skills. He also allowed us to explore our traumas and triggers and how to avoid or resolve them during the conflict. We got to a better place in our sessions and only visit during emergencies."
  • "From our first meeting, Keith put my wife and I at ease. He has a very down-to-earth and relatable manner about him, which made our counseling very effective. He taught us more kind and effective ways to communicate. The handouts, homework, and tools he gave us helped our relationship in between sessions. Keith counsels with his mind and his heart and was very committed to our healing journey."
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  • "Thank you so much for your time in our session last night. D and I both feel so encouraged after working with you and I'm thrilled to dig into some of my past with you too. The tools and resources you give us in our couples' work are just game changers and they've provided me with much psychological safety as D and I work through issues and disagreements. I'm starting to trust our connection again and trust that when we talk about things, they won't go off the rails because we have rails in place now, thanks to your handouts and suggestions! You are a gift from God to our new marriage, for sure because I'm starting to feel the deep trust and connection with my husband that I used to have. I am so grateful for that!"
  • "We have had several family members go through therapy for various reasons and the chief complaint has always been the lengthy process.  It seemed like there was a long drawn out way of getting to the heart of the matter (strategies/techniques that would bring about real change).  It seemed like the therapist knew the resources, techniques and/or strategies that would be helpful, but withheld it in an effort to drag it all out.  The lengthy process if what kept us from attempting to start the therapy for our son. We have talked about wanting to seek counseling for our son since September, but dreaded the long dragged out process.  However, we are so thankful that we were paired up with Keith. He listened to us and offered strategies/techniques right away for us to consider and even offered handouts for us to consider after the sessions.  We felt like we got on track almost immediately because he was willing to offer strategies for us to begin working with our son."
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  • "And his strategies/techniques were spot on!  We have confidence in where these strategies will guide us at home with our son and we feel empowered to begin this work at home with him.  I told Keith in today’s session that based on what he has provided so far, we have a lot of homework to do and a lot of good work to begin with our son. So we wanted to push our sessions out to bi weekly or once a month so that we could have time to hone our new craft and then reconnect with Keith for guidance and his insight or any tweaks he might offer.  I wish our family members who have endured the length process could have experienced this!  "Give me some tools and let me practice using them and then let’s reconnect to adjust where necessary.” This feels productive and practical!  We feel thankful and refreshed with how it is going with Keith and for what his insight will do for our family!"
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