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Sent this Video and Text to my previous wife. This was her Response.

From Michael:

Steph, I presented this AM at Woodlands Chamber of Commerce breakfast. I was only given 60 seconds. Thanks for your inspiration.

From Steph:

That sounded great! I don’t know how I had any involvement in that, but you’re welcome! Lol.

From Michael:

You had the most influence - for the 25 yrs of teaching me of my arrogance, selfishness, lack of compassion and humility which caused me to make lots of poor decisions. These experiences have now given me tools, skills, and teaching to now have the privilege to pour into the lives of those who come my way for counseling. I am successful with couples because you helped me get there in the past 35 yrs+. Thank You!

From Steph:

Goodness! That’s a great example of God redeeming our messes for the good of others and his glory!😍 👏

Insurance companies stress that couples counseling must present a medical necessity.   If there is no medical necessity then the Insurance company requires you, their client, to seek couples counseling on your own.

If you obtain your Insurance Benefits and they are willing to pay for couples counseling, let’s talk. Call me. 832-207-6064.

Dear Prospect, I want to help educate and empower you with information. I am sure you are aware of the vehicle BLUEBOOK. The same sort of thing exists in healthcare. It is called the healthcare blue book. I have provided two photos from the HEALTHCARE BLUEBOOK to show you that my rates fall significantly below what the bluebook Fair Price indicates for my ZIP Code.  You work hard to provide solid insurance for your family, though most insurance companies do not compensate clinicians fairly so in result, you are responsible to pay for the shortfall. 

Dear Consumer, I hope you will see that $160 for couples’ session for 15 sessions is $2400.   I trust you will see the value of your relationship is worth far more than that dollar amount! 

Bluebook pricing

bluebook pricing

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